First post of the month

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I've not blog anything since December last year. I've been busy with work - preparing readings, songsheet for Limbahau then joining 'Lawatan Keluarga' a.k.a Xmas Caroling but i only managed to join for 2 days only due to some work that had to be done, 'Perayaan Krismas KUK St. Sabina Titimboungon' where i was the person in-charge for Lucky Card (need to prepare the hampers, gifts etc). After that, on 27th of Dec 2008, me and rombongon went to Tenom for my cousin's, Gilbert, wedding celebration. We stayed at Orchid Hotel for 1 night and went home the next day. Before went back to Papar, we took a few hours to 'jalan2' at Tamu Tenom and a few shops that is near to the hotel. I forgot to take pictures because im too lazy to carry anything. Hehehe.. On 31st Dec 2008, we organized Doa Rosary Mengakhiri Tahun and BBQ at chapel St. Sabina, Titimboungon. Though it was quite new for us, parishioner of St. Sabina but i think it was a good start. Hope more will turn up end of this year. =) On 3rd Jan 2009, Rombongan Tenom pula datang membalas lawatan. It was my cousin's Babad Reception. Night before the reception, me, my mum, Aunty Maggie and cousin Grace, buat decoration sampai tengah malam. Of course, ramai yang tolong. I think, lebih meriah dari wedding reception =P. Luckily, tidak lebat hujan time tu. Ada acara 'miohon pinisi', cake cutting and of course la menari. The MC pun ok tapi at times ada juga dia lari topic and lebih banyak bercakap then menyanyi. Nasib baik ada Bailey's, kalau tidak, sia balik awal. Hehehe.. i drank 3 glasses of Bailey's and pening-pening sikit saja la. Bila sampai rumah, terus kena gastrik and sakit perut and berlanjutan for 2 days. Kesian me! Balik dari bercuti, ada suda kerja menunggu atas meja. Life is back to normal lagi. No more partying around. Huhuhu.. On 24th Jan, plan mau ikut family pergi Labuan tapi see first kalau dapat. Cuz tiada orang di office masa tu. But, who knows. =P